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Chris Gorsek. A teacher who won’t play politics with our kids’ education.

As a teacher at MHCC, Chris Gorsek sees the importance of a good education every day.

Chris understands that our public schools must lay a strong foundation for future success. Chris Gorsek will work to ensure that state funding for our schools is a top budget priority, not the first place politicians look to make cuts.

As a community college instructor, Chris Gorsek sees firsthand how critical it is to make a college education and advanced training affordable and accessible to more Oregonians. Chris knows that we have to invest in Oregon’s community college and state university system to ensure students from all walks of life have the ability to study, train and update their skills so they can compete for good-paying jobs today and be ready for the high-tech jobs of Oregon’s next economy.

Chris Gorsek. A neighbor who is tired of politicians selling us out.

Over and over, the corporate special interests and big corporations try to make record profits while middle class families are struggling. It's time to stand up for consumers and force corporations to pay when they rip off Oregonians. That's why Chris Gorsek will support giving the Attorney General the authority to hold health insurance companies accountable for fraud.

As our State Representative, Chris Gorsek will always stand up and fight for people like us—hard-working, middle-class families in East County who deserve a voice again in the State House.

Chris Gorsek. A former cop who will put our safety first.

For 7 years, Chris Gorsek worked to keep families safe as a Portland police officer. As our new State Representative, Chris Gorsek will use his experience as a cop and a community leader to push for smart investments in our public safety.

For too long, Chris has watched as short-sighted politicians cut funding for the state police and other first responders. Chris will work to ensure our families’ safety always comes first.

Chris Gorsek. A teacher who will fight for better jobs and a brighter future.

Chris Gorsek will work to get Oregonians back to work and our state’s economy back on track . Chris knows we have to make it easier to start a small business and hire workers by cutting government bureaucratic red tape. Chris Gorsek will also work to make small business loans more available for entrepreneurs and help returning veterans get the training they need to get back into the job market.