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Important Issues

I was honored to represent East County in the past two Legislative Sessions. Over this biennium, the Legislature continued to build on policies that ensure hard working people from all walks of life can find opportunity. We’ve passed the strongest equal pay law in the country and boosted funding for career and technical training to prepare Oregonians for rewarding careers.

Ensuring that Oregon remains a great place to live means spending tax dollars wisely and efficiently; we do this by encouraging investment, creating jobs in promising industries like renewable energy, and funding the education to work in them. 

In the last two sessions, we’ve protected Oregonians from the capriciousness of the leaders in Washington DC. We passed bills that would provide for net neutrality, protection of civil liberties, drug pricing tranparency. We underwrote solutions to our statewide housing crisis, and improved government efficiency and accountability. All to make sure your voices were being heard in Salem. We also passed the Reproductive Health Equity Act, preserving reproductive health care for all Oregonians.

Because every Oregonian should have the ability to achieve their American dream. This session, I voted to pass House Bill 4144, which makes it easier for small business contractors to start their own businesses, and House Bill 4052 setting up advisory committees that will give small business owners a bigger voice in the state’s rule-setting processes. Rural broadband also got a boost with the passage of House Bill 4023.
As the federal government increasingly sides with corporations at the expense of consumers, I took action with my colleagues to protect internet freedom, private information, and personal data. With House Bill 4155, Oregon became the second state to pass legislation enshrining essential net neutrality protections that were rolled back by the Federal Communications Commission in 2017. Six months after the data breach of credit reporting agency Equifax exposed the private information of 145 million Americans, the we passed Senate Bill 1551, which provides victims of data breaches additional protections.

To make sure you're able to check on all of your state electeds, the Oregon House also increased government transparency and accountability, so you can see how important decisions are made. We passed HB 2577, improving the standards lobbyists must meet, and we improved response times and access to government records; creating a Sunshine Committee and public records advocate. 

The Biennium in Numbers

Your East County legislators authorized important statewide and regional education investments.

$8.2 billion: The 2017-19 budget for K-12 schools

11%: Increase in the K-12 budget over last year

$8 million in bond investments to build the Maywood Park Center at Mt. Hood Community College

$2 million to construct an innovation and workforce training center in the Rockwood neighborhood in Gresham.

Infrastructure Investment

The transportation funding and the bonding bill will create jobs and economic opportunity and provide an unprecedented level of investment in East County.

The transportation package funds specific infrastructure projects and sends 50% of new revenues to cities and counties for local maintenance and improvements. Among the transportation projects that will receive funding are:

$110 million for improvements to Southeast Powell Blvd

$15.2 million for traffic management on I-205

$15.5 million for the I-205 corridor bottleneck project

$3 million for improvements to Graham Road in Troutdale, ensuring we meet the needs of large employers.

$2.7 million per year in new maintenance funding for Gresham

$226,000 per year in new maintenance funding for Fairview

$405,000 million per year in new maintenance funding for Troutdale

$99,000 per year in new maintenance funding for Wood Village

$18 million per year in new maintenance funding for Multnomah County

$71 million per year in new transit funding to TriMet

$1.2 million per year for Safe Routes to Schools

$130 million per year for transit

Bond Funds:

$100 million for seismic rehabilitation at public school buildings statewide

$20 million for seismic rehabilitation at emergency services buildings

$80 million for the LIFT housing program

$10 million for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund

$30 million for Connect Oregon to finance transportation projects across the state

$25 million for affordable housing preservation

$5 million for the Oregon Main Street Revitalization grant program

In the past two sessions we have made some profound achievements with bipartisan support including protecting your civil rights and making East County attractive to large employers.


I worked with local and national experts to pass legislation this session that allows for recording of juvenile interrogations; protecting both our children’s future and law enforcement from false accusations by providing an objective record.

We also worked to pass the Safety and Savings Act, which saves the state the $26 million on the cost of reopening a second women’s prison in Salem while reducing crime and strengthening families. These reforms eliminate expensive and ineffective outcomes that cost the community in both cash and quality of life. Data shows this approach results in savings, accountability, treatment that works and less crime.

Sen. Monnes Anderson, Rep. Piluso and myself advocated for the reauthorization of funding for the East Metro Gang Enforcement Task Force, Open Schools as well as our Boys and Girls Club. The Rockwood Rising development was funded as well.

“We made sure that access to our East County industrial area was made a specific item in the transportation package to strengthen thriving businesses and attract new investment."

I am proud to be your Representative in the Oregon House, and I hope to hear your thoughts and feedback.